Artwalk Comes Alive
by Rich Turner and Katie DeTar
Published Sep 14, 2003

[Artwalk Comes Alive]
Events inlcuded machinery dances
A celebration of community and art in Rochester this weekend.

Dancers and musicians helped University Avenue come alive.

Officials closed off the street to celebrate that neighborhood's Artwalk.

Artwalk is an urban art trail that runs from the Memorial Art Gallery to the George Eastman House.

“What I appreciate is the fact it’s there after the event is over. You can still walk around and still see some wonderful artwork. Benches, the art company is a great place to go for gifts. The event sort of promotes the street itself," said Sylvie Beaudette.

Artwalk also holds events and programs to encourage people in the community to enjoy and participate in the arts.

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