FEBRUARY 20, 2001
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SEAC and ARTWalk Announce Winners of 2001 Sidewalk Imprint Contest

Rochester, NY - The South East Area Coalition (SEAC) and ARTWalk are pleased to announce the winners of the 2001 Sidewalk Imprint Design Contest. Charles Andolsek, Steve Appleton, Guy Chiazza, Justin Casilio, Shawn Dunwoody, Antoni Eckmair, Scott Evans, Kristin Malone, Molly McBride, Feliks Novikov, Jennifer Wells, and Gail Winbush Jones will all have their designs imprinted into the University Avenue sidewalk this spring. The City will stamp the medallions at repeated intervals as it pours the cement for a new wide, colorful sidewalk along ARTWalk, which runs along University Avenue between North Goodman Street and the George Eastman House. Each of the winners will also receive $250.

The countywide imprint design competition elicited 180 entries. A jury of seven artists, cultural community leaders and residents deliberated long and hard to select the winning dozen. They had to consider many factors in addition to aesthetic value, such as whether the designs could be stamped into the sidewalk without distortion or safety concerns. "The jurors had an amazing field of entries to choose from," says Doug Rice, a founding member of the ARTWalk board of directors. "The selected imprints reflect our mission of creating a distinctive walkway in the Neighborhood of the Arts. They will add to pedestrians’ pleasure as they walk along the avenue and encounter all different kinds of art. The success of this process demonstrated ARTWalk’s commitment to art and to the community. It has also helped us to set a course for upcoming competitions."

The entries vary from highly stylized illustrations and sketches to simple etchings. They cover a broad spectrum of ideas, representing everything from urban life and diversity to music and abstract designs. The list of winners comprises a group of people as diverse as the imprints. Jennifer Wells, for example, created her pen-and-ink design as an assignment from her high school art teacher. Another winner, Guy Chiazza, has been a professional engraver for 20 years. His winning imprint incorporates the theme of jazz music. Another winner is a nine-year-old who made his etching of a house in a ceiling tile. On March 25, 2001, SEAC and ARTWalk will hold a Sidewalk Imprint celebration at the Village Gate Square from 3 to 6 p.m., where all 180 entries will be displayed.

ARTWalk is an interactive outdoor museum connecting cultural institutions in the Neighborhood of the Arts along University Avenue. ARTWalk grew out of a cooperative effort between the residents and city officials during the reconstruction of University Avenue. Some of the features in this outdoor museum will constantly evolve and change, while permanent elements, such as the imprint designs, will guide pedestrians along the way. ARTWalk is moving steadily toward its planned grand opening in October of 2001.