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ARTWalk Alive! - September 16,2007

Here are some progress photos of "ARTStop," by Ed Stringham. Located at 500 University Avenue, Rochester, NY
The "Art In Transit" bus shelters will be dedicated at ARTWalk Alive! on Sunday, September 16, 2007, at 822 University Avenue.

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Photo by Richard Margolis

Artist Statement:
"ARTStop," by Ed Stringham, at 500 University Ave in front of the Memorial Art Gallery
I would like to thank ARTWalk for providing me the opportunity to design and build in a public space. During the past year I have enjoyed meeting and interacting with many fine people including Doug Rice. When problems occured he smoothed the waters and kept the process going. Without the long range vision of ARTWalk and its supporters projects such as the bus shelters would never materialize. It has been a fine experience providing both learning opportunities and satisfaction.
Ed Stringham