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"National Park(ing) Day"
A Success!
OnSept 19th

ARTWalk joined
George Eastman House
RochesterContemporary Art Center

a unique national"parking space-as-park" event. People parked strollers, bicycles, and more, but not their cars! Designed to bring awareness to Upstate's agriculture, ARTWalk was represented by its Beach Street parking lot. Read on for more...

Participation in National Park(ing) Day is the first of many coming activities that are part of a joint initiative designed by George Eastman House and Rochester Contemporary Art Center. This initiative, called P.L.A.N.T. (Place, Land, Art / Agriculture, Neighborhood, and Technology) , will illuminate, inform, inspire, and engage the community around the history, heritage, and current/future importance of agriculture in Rochester.

George Eastman House, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, and ARTWalk.

ARTWalk is in the center of the Neighborhood Of The Arts (NOTA). Please keep an eye on, NOTA's website for more information about ARTWalk, neighborhood, businesses, arts, the business association (NOTABA) and all things happening in this area.

Celebrate with NOTA and Anderson Alley Artists during a Holiday Gala Friday December 5th 5-8 pm, and Saturday December 6th 11am-4 pm"

NOTA Map & Brochure

Neighborhood of the Arts
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Mayor Bob Duffy Declares Sept 14th

"Doug Rice Day"
At the 8th annual ARTWalk Alive! Festival, in Rochester's Own
Neighborhood of the Arts

Click here for Mayor Duffy's declaration.

ARTWalk is a permanent urban art trail, connecting the arts centers and public spaces within the Neighborhood of the Arts. ARTWalk Alive! is sponsored in part with funds secured by Senator Joseph Robach. Anyone interested in more information can contact ARTWalk at (585) 473-5787, send us an email at, or visit our website at 


For more information: | | |(585) 473-5787" Supporded with ordinare farmaci generici in Italy

Come Feel.

ARTWalk Alive! 2008 A Success!

Thank you for Everyone for this year's successful ARTWalk Alive!
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ARTWalk Alive! 2008
Sponsor List

ARTWalk Alive Featured in DAILY MOTION




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 ARTWalk Expansion!!!
ARTWalk, Rochester's outdoor museum and art trail, currently runs along University Avenue from the Memorial Art Gallery to the
George Eastman House. Funding has been awarded to extend ARTWalk at the same time that streets in the area are being
maintained and upgraded.

There are three proposed extensions, or spurs, to ARTWalk:

The design of the Goodman-University Intersection where the current ARTWalk and the ARTWalk extensions will intersect.
COMPLETED: Stakeholder Meeting: Monday, January 29, 2007
West Spur 1.West on University Ave. from the Goodman/University intersection to Prince Street, ending at Visual Studies Workshop and School of the Arts.
 COMPLETED: Stakeholder Meeting: Thursday, May 18, 2006
South Spur 2. South on Goodman Street from the Goodman/University intersection to East Avenue, ending at the Rochester Museum and Science Center and Planetarium.
COMPLETED: Stakeholder Meeting: Thursday, May 25, 2006
North Spur 3. North on Goodman Street from the Goodman/University intersection to Village Gate and the Arts Council.
COMPLETED: Stakeholder Meeting: Tuesday,  May 16, 2006
More information is available by clicking on your preferred format: .doc   .htm   .pdf



ARTWalk 2008 Will Host:
Bienniel ARTAuction, April 25,2008 at Village Gate. Info to participate will be posted by 11/1/07
Muse-a-Thon! Early summer 2008 Music, Artist sale, Arts activities, and more!
ARTWalk Alive! , September 14, 2008 12-4 pm (Dance, Music, Word and Visual arts; Inter-Activities provided by area arts organizations;
Grand Finale)
ARTWalk II Meetings- Watch Here for Schedule
Performers wanted for ARTWalk Alive wanted for ARTWalk Alive! 9/14/2008
Info meetings 2/16/08 and 5/28/08, deadline for ARTWalk Alive! entries is 6/4/08.
Opportunities: Dance, Spoken Word, Music, Artists at Work, and Inter-Activities.
(there are also applications available for artists to participate in the ARTAuction- click here)


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